Mammosphere for Providers

Give access to prior mammograms.
Get happier, healthier patients.

As a clinician, you know that breast tissue is different in every woman and accurate screening is highly dependent on comparison to prior mammograms. However, statistics show that 1 in 4 women present to their appointments without prior mammograms available.

Searching for these exams wastes time and decreases productivity. When you have access to past mammograms, it means better care for your patients. In fact, research shows that access to past mammograms can reduce false positive tests by 40 to 60 percent.

False positives can create unnecessary anxiety for patients and take time away from their family, work and other life commitments. When you are able to have the exams at your fingertips, this allows you to provide them with the best experience and outcomes.

About Mammosphere

Mammosphere, a secure, electronic patient engagement platform, gives women more control over their own mammograms – and entire medical history – by empowering them to advocate for better care.

Your patients can use Mammosphere to electronically request their prior mammograms and then can view, download, or share their images with you through a secure link. You, as their provider, can demonstrate that you care about their outcomes, patient experience, and the quality of their care.

Why Mammosphere?

When providers don’t have access to their patients’ prior mammograms, it can be a frustrating experience. Mammosphere helps providers decrease the time spent looking for exams and spend more time comforting and caring for patients with a complicated cases that may be feeling anxious.

Mammosphere also helps solve these problems by providing:

Faster report turnaround time and fewer patient recalls

Fewer diagnostic exams on the worklist means more time for patients or screenings

More patients with high satisfaction with the experience at your center

Less time, energy and resources spent procuring outside diagnostics

Expand Your Network

With Mammosphere, facilities can also tap into the vast lifeIMAGE network. Through this network, providers can collaborate with peers, broaden their referral network and get a better sense of where their patients are receiving care.

With access to the lifeIMAGE network, your facility can experience:

Improved Patient Outcomes

Every member of the care team, regardless of location, can view a patient’s complete imaging history and patients are not exposed to unnecessary radiation.

Better Patient Experience

Referrals and transitions of care are more efficient because clinicians have convenient, central access to external imaging data.

Lower Healthcare Costs

By viewing and sharing existing exams, clinicians can avoid duplicate testing, as well as ordering new diagnostics that do not qualify for reimbursement.

Mammosphere's Impact on your Finances

Click on the tab that most accurately reflects the volume of your imaging center to see how Mammosphere affects your imaging center's finances. To enlarge the calculations, click on the formulas.

Interested? Let us show you more.

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