Mammosphere for Payers

Empower Members to Take Control
of their Breast Health

The demands of today’s healthcare environment require health plans to provide tech-forward and innovative patient engagement solutions that make a difference in the lives of women.

Recognize the Problem

The importance of and coverage for breast exams is on the mind of every health plan as the baby-boomer generation ages and millennials – just hitting the age when mammogram screenings begin – represent the largest population groups. Baby boomers are also looking for better information to support aging parents, in this case their mothers, during what can often be a taxing time. In addition, this group is concerned about their older children, particularly daughters, who are becoming at-risk for breast health issues.

However, the breast cancer screening and diagnostic process can be arduous and costly. When a care team does not have a patient’s prior mammograms available for review, the rate of false-positive diagnoses from a new screening exam is increased by 260 percent, leading to unnecessary orders of more expensive diagnostic tests and biopsies.

What’s more, a negative perception of the efficacy of mammography due to false positives may demotivate women from getting annual screening exams. Some eligible women will screen less frequently, increasing the risk of late-stage cancer detection, which for them results in more costly treatments.

Empower Members with Mammosphere

Mammosphere, a secure, electronic patient engagement platform, gives women more control over their own mammograms – and entire medical history – by empowering them to advocate for better care.

Members can use Mammosphere to electronically request their prior mammograms and then view, download, or share their images with you through a secure link.

Why Mammosphere

Mammosphere gives health plans a powerful patient and community engagement resource to:

Empower women to take control of their and their family’s breast health to improve their outcomes, quality of care, and satisfaction with their providers

Increase Member and community engagement with a digital offering that encourages sustained utilization and connections

Help providers improve the clinical efficiency of screening programs to become more competitive and keep patients in-network

Reduce medical spend by curbing false-positive diagnoses, unnecessary biopsies, and treating cancers earlier

Expand Your Network

With Mammosphere, health plans can also to tap into the vast lifeIMAGE network. lifeIMAGE has significant, historical expertise in the complex and largely non-interoperable work of medical imaging and is the largest company, and almost the only one, exclusively focused on making clinical information, including essential image data, broadly available to everyone in the healthcare ecosystem. With a network of over 1,300 healthcare organizations, lifeIMAGE brings a converged set of best-of-breed capabilities that simplify and accelerate adoption of imaging accessibility.

With access to the lifeIMAGE network, health plans support for their patients:

Improved Patient Outcomes

Network physicians, regardless of location, can view a patient’s complete imaging history and patients are not exposed to unnecessary radiation.

Better Patient Experience

Referrals and transitions of care are more efficient because physicians have convenient, central access to external imaging data.

Lower Healthcare Costs

By viewing and sharing existing exams, physicians can avoid duplicate testing and ordering new diagnostics that do not qualify for reimbursement.

Interested? Let us show you more.

Get in touch with us at lifeIMAGE. We’re excited to work with you.

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