Mammosphere for Patients

Take control of your breast health. Securely store, share and request images for a less stressful experience.

Breast tissue is unique in every woman, but it holds the key to cancer detection. A care team is most successful in providing the appropriate care when it has access to your past mammograms. Without these images, additional testing is far more likely – causing unnecessary anxiety and out of pocket expenses.
Does this scenario sound familiar?
Situations like these can arise because prior mammograms are not available to care teams. Mammosphere was created to solve this problem.

How does Mammosphere help?

Better access to breast images and reports leads to better outcomes

Ensure you receive the best possible care with resources that empower you to take control of your breast health.

Faster, less stressful treatment

Experience a less stressful mammogram screening by storing all of your breast health information and reports in one secure online location.

Save time and money

Avoid unnecessary tests and costs that can occur when your doctor does not have your prior mammogram.

What can you do with Mammosphere?

Securely acquire and protect all of your exams online

With Mammosphere, you have the power to securely acquire all of your breast health records and store them in one location.

Share your mammograms at any time

Last minute consultation with a physician who doesn’t have your exams? No problem. Send your studies online, instantly.

Tap into an empowered community

Coming soon! Learn about conditions and diagnoses, make appointments for screening services, evaluate out-of-pocket costs and connect with other users.

Studies show that access to prior mammograms makes a difference

Numerous research studies have demonstrated that access to comparison mammograms improves the efficiency and effectiveness of breast cancer screening programs. Results include:


reduction in false positives of mammography screening.

This correlates directly to patient satisfaction. Access to prior exams means far fewer women suffer the anxiety, cost, and wasted time associated with a false-positive finding.


of cancers are caught at an earlier stage (and 10% of cancers are caught more frequently).

Immediate availability of prior mammograms means that cancers can be detected at an earlier stage, ideally before spreading.


reduction in breast cancers diagnosed with involvement of lymph nodes.

Access to comparison studies allows radiologists to find more curable breast cancers. This can be life-saving.

With Mammosphere, everything from researching your next imaging facility to learning about the latest breast cancer news to owning your breast health is right at your fingertips.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us using the button below.

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