About Mammosphere

A patient advocate and breast health empowerment tool, Mammosphere is the first solution of its kind.

With Mammosphere, patients can securely store, share, and request their medical images. An online storage account, Mammosphere helps patients take back their health.

The Story of Mammosphere

Mammosphere was founded in 2012 by breast imaging radiologist Dr. Kathryn Pearson Peyton, who had worked in high volume imaging facilities in San Francisco, California and Jacksonville, Florida for over 15 years. Growing up in a family with three generations of women afflicted with breast cancer, plus her own personal brush with the disease, Dr. Pearson Peyton’s life mission has always been, and remains, to improve breast health and save lives.

Throughout her fifteen-year career in the field, Dr. Pearson Peyton continued to see a massive need in the breast imaging community – a lack of access to prior mammograms. Years of research found that patient outcomes improved with increased availability to prior exams. Soon after retiring from radiology, she set out on a mission to solve this problem. In 2012, Mammosphere was born.

In January of 2016, Mammosphere announced that it would become part of lifeIMAGE. lifeIMAGE, based out of Boston, Mass., is the most utilized network for medical image exchange in the country. With approximately 1,300 healthcare facilities and more than 150,000 active clinical users, Mammosphere is supported by a vast network of providers, which adds value to an electronic mammography exchange platform.

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