About Us

About Mammosphere

Mammosphere, a secure, digital patient engagement platform that is part of Life Image, the world’s largest network for sharing health data including medical images.

Mammosphere was founded to solve a pervasive problem in healthcare – the lack of interoperability that makes the sharing of medical data extremely challenging, particularly for complex diagnostic images.

Mammosphere’s mission is to empower women to take control of their health by owning her medical records including her breast health history and diagnostic images. We believe that when women control of their health data, they can participate more actively in their care journey, with their physician, with care teams and researchers.

Mammosphere was originally founded in 2012 by breast imaging radiologist Dr. Kathryn Pearson Peyton who grew up with three generations of women afflicted with breast cancer, plus her own personal brush with the disease.

In 2016, Mammosphere became part of Life Image. Today, Mammosphere is leading the way in advancing women’s health technology and supporting breakthroughs in clinical research.

About Life Image

With its beginnings in medical image exchange, Life Image now orchestrates the real time flow of any and all clinical information across a patient’s journey. Care teams and researchers can access the right information, at the right time, and in the right context for optimal patient care.

Founded in 2008, Life Image has spent the past 12 years innovating an interoperable network ecosystem that connects hospitals, physicians, patients, life sciences, medical device companies, telehealth companies, and EHRs.

We are now the largest global network for managing medical information for patients. Life Image has 10,000 connection points and 150,000 providers in the United States, as well as 58,000 global clinics. We manage 10 million clinical encounters per month. Since inception, we’ve exchanged more than 7 billion image files.