A secure digital platform focused on breast health that empowers women with their medical history.

How Our Solution Helps
Mammosphere makes a woman’s complete medical history, including diagnostic images, accessible anywhere, anytime to share with her care team and researchers. Mammosphere empowers women to own their medical history, advocate for their health, and contribute to innovative research.

The Dilemma

Mammosphere solves a chronic problem for women, care teams and researchers. A woman’s medical history and breast health records aren’t easily or readily shared across systems.

The Impact

The patient typically has the burden of being the courier transporting CDs or paper records. Or, the facility expends valuable resources chasing the information in a frustratingly slow process.

The Result

• Delays in accurate diagnosis
• Unnecessary tests
• Anxiety over false positives
• Hindering innovation in research and therapy development

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Help your patients gain access to their digital medical history through Mammosphere.


With the shift towards value-based care and growing expectations from patients, the healthcare environment is becoming more demanding and more digital. Learn more about how Mammosphere can help you by hovering your mouse over the image.


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Empowering Women with their Own Breast Health History: Transforming the Experience, Cost and Outcomes of Breast Cancer Screening

Healthcare consumerism is changing. Individuals are taking more control of their medical data and looking for the right tools to help them navigate our complex healthcare system.

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How Interoperability Improves Mammography Outcomes

Sixty million women undergo regular screening mammography in the United States, but even in the digital age, it is difficult to keep patients connected to their prior mammograms. You would think that with the proliferation of handheld devices and the reach of the Internet it would be easier than ever for patients and physicians to manage clinical images.


Getting a Mammogram? Why Prior Images Are Essential

When I was a practicing breast imaging radiologist, the first question our team would ask women coming into my clinic for a mammogram was, “Do you have your prior images?” The reason is simple. Just like a human face, each breast is unique. When looking at an x-ray image, it’s simply impossible to determine whether every spot, white patch or dot is a natural part of…


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