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Empowering and engaging women for better breast health

With Mammosphere, you can advocate and champion your own health and quality of care while avoiding unnecessary procedures, anxiety, radiation and out-of-pocket costs.

Breast tissue holds the key to cancer detection, but it is unique in every woman. To accurately interpret your mammogram, your care team must have access to your past mammograms. Without these studies, it’s far more likely your care provider will have to call you back for additional exams to rule out cancer.

How does Mammosphere help?

Better access leads to better outcomes

Ensure you receive the best possible care with resources that empower you to take control of your breast health

Faster, less stressful treatment

Experience a less stressful mammogram screening by storing all of your mammograms securely in one online location

Save time and money

Avoid unnecessary tests and costs that can occur when your doctor does not have your prior mammogram

What can you do with Mammosphere?

Receive and store all of your exams online

Keep all of your mammograms in one central location. Receive the results of new exams, request priors electronically, and upload any you may have on a CD.

Securely share your mammograms

Last minute consultation with a physician who doesn’t have access to your exams? No problem. Send your studies online, instantly.

Access resources, and a community of other women

Learn about conditions and diagnoses, make appointments for screening services, evaluate out-of-pocket costs, and connect with other users.

The women’s health ecosystem

Mammosphere engages all stakeholders for better breast health. As a first step, we are working together to improve the the quality, efficiency and outcomes of breast cancer screenings. Interested in sponsoring Mammosphere for your patients, members or employees?


Electronic access to priors introduces a host of improvements to clinical quality, efficiency, and outcomes while facilitating new ways to engage patients.


Offer a wellness program that helps employees improve the quality of care they receive, protects their productivity, and simplifies their care experience.


Mammosphere helps payers engage an important segment of their member community while improving the quality and cost of care delivered by their network.

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